Frequentley Asked Questions

Will our cats want to climb their Hicat®?

Yes, they will based on our experience & customer feedback - climbing comes instinctively to cats so we've only ever heard of a couple of instances where cats didn't want to climb.

If you want to check out you cats climbing prowess then one way of doing this is to roll up a rug, hold it upright & see if your cat takes off.

How long can we expect our Hicat® to last?

You'll get years of use from your Hicat® ignoring the usual wear & tear - we've been making Hicat® units since 2008 & we've only ever had praise from our customers regarding our workmanship & the longevity of our products (check out some of our reviews on Google).

Do Hicat® units shed fibres?

The Twist Pile finish is a cut pile so this doesn't shed material however, the coir will shed fibres when scratched & climbed so regularly vacuuming the unit inside & out will make sure that this debris never become an irritation to your cat.


How do cats get down from the top of a Hicat®?

Most cats will generally want to climb down head first then jump to the floor so placing your unit next to a piece of furniture is a good move if you purchase a 88” tall unit.

Why has my card payment been declined?

Sometimes we hear from customers who have had their card payment declined when trying to make an online purchase - this is normally down to card issuer intervening because the purchase is an international payment so a quick call to them by the card holder will sort out the problem.

Will I have to pay any additional import duties or taxes?

No, all of the export taxes, duties & charges are included in our list pricing.

The courier companies are instructed to settle these charges directly on our behalf however it’s not uncommon for customers to be contacted & asked to pay directly - in the event that you contacted please get in touch & we will settle the charges immediately.

Will our cat fit through Access Holes & climb-through shelves?

Access Holes & apertures in Worm Hole & Crescent Shelves are 7” in diameter - we've not met a cat yet that can't pass through this size hole but if you want to double check cut out a 7” hole in a piece of cardboard & see if your cat fits through the hole without getting stuck. 

Are the coir finishes on the website accurate in terms of colour & material?

We've done our best to give a fair representation of the finishes on the website but because of variations in batch dying & weave you won't be looking at an exact product match in terms of colour & finish - weave irregularities, yarn knots & colour variation are common place for a natural material of this kind & on top of this you will also have variations in colour depending on browser & device settings.

We are happy to send out samples but please bear in mind that carpet supplies may also vary slightly in terms of colour & finish as noted above so please don't expect a perfect match between sample & finished article.

What makes the coir used on Hicat® easy to climb?

We tested lots of different finishes when we started Hicat® & found that the coir boucle that we use is the best for climbing as it has a ribbed weave forming horizontal loops - this means that your cat's claws can easily grip & retract when climbing compared to other coir & sisal finishes.

Why is Tomcat 4 not available as a freestanding unit?

Unfortunately, Tomcat units don't have a big enough footprint to allow us to make it a freestanding unit the same as the Fatcat.

Can I customise my Hicat®?

Yes, if you go to our Hicat® UK website you can order a bespoke unit, finishes, features or even a OOAK.

How strong are Hicat® units?

Our units have been tested to loads in excess of 100kg so we can say they are very strong, especially when compared to other products on the market.

What is the core material used in Hicat® units?

We use laminated cores made from recyscled fibre board (spiral bound cardboard tubes to you & me) for the construction of our units - these are the same tubes that are used on building sites to form concrete columns so after we've bonded our latex backed coir to this it makes for an incredibly solid structure.

Do Hicat® units contain any materials or substances that could be harmful to cats?

No, we don't use any harmful materials in the fabrication process - the glue used during assembly is solvent free, non-toxic & we do not use carpet that has been chemically treated with stain guard protection, which means there will be no danger to you, your family or your pets.

Does the coir used on your units smell?

There is a slight natural odour from the coconut husks used to make the coir, which is normal for this type of carpet & because our units are fully wrapped when despatched they can sweat in transit causing the unit to smell but this will wear off over time once the Hicat® has had time to air.

Can a Pad or Fat Pad cushion be used on top of climb-through shelves?

Yes, they can be placed on Crescent & Worm Hole Shelves to make the equivalent of a Full Shelf & give your cat an even softer sleeping area.

Can the coir be cleaned?

Yes, if a section of the external coir finish becomes soiled it can be treated using a soft brush with a little warm water (do not soak the unit) & mild detergent.

Soiling on the internal twist pile finish can be treated as per our coir finish but scrubbing can be more vigorous & cleaning products, including diluted bleach, used as long as the unit is not soaked.